StorHyonic: storage solutions and massive production
of hydrogen at low pressure

Presentation of the StorHyonic range

The energy challenges of tomorrow will require large energy storage capacities, as shown by the latest RTE study. The use of green hydrogen will move from a just in time logic to a produce and store logic for two main reasons:

  • The production of hydrogen will be coupled with the production of intermittent renewable electricity.
  • Power to gas will grow and the need to store large quantities of hydrogen will become increasingly important.

The StorHyonic range of products from ERGOSUP responds to this challenge and combines storage and massive production of hydrogen. Our units are located as close as possible to renewable energy sources and/or hydrogen consumption sites.

StorHyonic process by ERGOSUP

Hydrogen ionic storage :  StorHyonic®

Our process makes it possible to store hydrogen in the form of H+ ions in a liquid electrolyte over a very long period (weeks, months, etc.). For more information

Intermediate capacity and weekly storage

Product: StorHyonic 200

Target market: stationary need in industry or mobility

Production: 200 kg of H2/day at 10 bar

Ionic storage: daily (day/night), up to 1 week

StorHyonic process by ERGOSUP

Large capacity and seasonal storage

Product: StorHyonic XXL

Target market: stationary need in industry or mobility, management and arbitration of electricity consumption

Production: up to 10 tons of H2 / day at 10 bar

Ionic storage: several weeks, seasonal, depending on the need and the space available

StorHyonic process by ERGOSUP

Why choose StorHyonic ?

Seasonal energy storage

Stable storage at atmospheric pressure and temperature over very long periods of time and without loss, without ICPE declaration or SEVESO limit.

Seasonal energy storage

It is inherently very high because hydrogen and oxygen are not produced simultaneously.

Decoupling of the electricity requirement from the production of hydrogen

Allows an efficient coupling with intermittent renewable energies since the hydrogen can be released outside the electricity production periods.

Electrical flexibility

The supply of electricity can fluctuate, for example, in the event of coupling with a renewable energy source, variation in the price of electricity, or load shedding and management of the electrical network.

Simplicity and safety

Oxygen is not produced at the same time as hydrogen, which increases safety and avoids the use of separation membranes as in conventional electrolyzers.