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En septembre 2020, La France établit une feuille de route hydrogène appuyée par des moyens financiers d’envergure. Dans la foulée, des appels à projet de l’ADEME sont ouverts. Au niveau européen, l’Allemagne, le Portugal, les Pays-Bas, La Finlande, et L’Espagne emboitent le pas. Un engouement propice au développement comme l’illustre le partenariat entre les société Atawey et Ergosup […]

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ERGOSUP launches its first fully integrated HyRiS Lab Product station

French start-up ERGOSUP launches its first fully integrated HyRiS Lab Product station (Hydrogen Refuelling Station) at the chemistry department of Lyon 1 University of Technology (IUT).
This innovative solution corresponds to the specific needs of academic and industrial laboratories.

The installation marks a key stage in the development of ERGOSUP, a start-up based in the south of France. The company designs hydrogen generators employing its unique, patented technology to electrolyse water directly under very high pressure. On June the 19th, the company, based in the Drôme region, began the installation of its first compact station to produce and store hydrogen at the university campus.

The solution, used to produce the small quantities of hydrogen needed by research lecturers and students in the university lab, is a first at the IUT Lyon 1 chemistry department, where it will be tested out from the start of the academic year. With this first product commercialization, in an exclusive partnership, and following two years of R&D, ERGOSUP is kicking off a new phase in its development thanks to €11 M capital raised in February 2019.

«With HyRiS Lab, which is a registered trademark, we’re taking our first steps on the market by addressing the hydrogen needs of academic and industrial laboratories. This is the first product in our future range of integrated hydrogen production and storage stations. Thanks to our innovation, IUT Lyon 1 will be the first lab to produce its own hydrogen! With a production capacity at 100 bars from 0.7 to 4 kg per week, it satisfies the specific needs of labs that use hydrogen in their work.

HyRiS Lab has several advantages compared to traditional solutions, in terms of logistics, cost and security. For the ERGOSUP team, which is fully committed to developing these decentralised energy solutions with low carbon impacts, this is a crucial move because it takes us from R&D to implementation, in real operating conditions », explained Lucile Voiron, Deputy Chief Executive of ERGOSUP.

HyRiS Lab is based on the patented technology developed by ERGOSUP to produce and store hydrogen using very high-pressure electrolysis. Following a prototype phase validated and tested in late 2018, industrialisation and production began in early 2019. A series of five new machines is currently in the early production stages, with a market launch target of late 2019.

« Hydrogen is the future. For us, partnering with ERGOSUP on an innovative technology for use in innovative science is extremely interesting. Analytical chemistry is a growing sector, with 80% of studies set to use apparatus employing hydrogen in the long term. The solution developed by ERGOSUP, a start-up we know well, is suited to the small volumes we use. It brings real logistical benefits: until now, we’ve been managing our hydrogen supply with bottles delivered by truck that we change when empty. It’s heavy and less reliable in terms of security. With an on-site apparatus that we supply with water, the process is simpler, cheaper, safer and better for the environment. After the summer break, the solution will be operating at full capacity. During the following months, we’ll be able to validate the gas quality and the process reliability », explained Fabrice Randeau, Deputy Head of the chemistry department at IUT Lyon 1.

The objective for ERGOSUP is to equip academic and industrial laboratories that consume small quantities of hydrogen with HyRiS Labs, amounting to a turnover of €700,000 to €800,000. At the same time, it will accelerate its development on other target markets, such as “zero-emission” mobility with different types of hydrogen-powered electric vehicles (drones, forklifts, bicycles, cars, etc.) and on-site production of industrial gas to replace supplies made by truck.

Currently, 95% of hydrogen is produced from fossil fuels and less than 0.01% by water electrolysis, but the objective established in the government’s June 2018 hydrogen programme is 10% decarbonated hydrogen by 2023, and 40% by 2028. This French programme fits into an ambitious international environment, where hydrogen use is being organised everywhere with investments from industrials, commitment from local areas, and deployment of applications.

ERGOSUP is part of this growing field thanks to its unique, patented expertise in hydrogen production, which means it can respond to user expectations and target a specific, sparsely populated niche market. The start-up is capable of supplying decentralised, decarbonised hydrogen that is competitive and secure, close to users, and with a capacity totally adapted to requirements.


Technical data:
Production: 0.7 to 4 kg / week (1 to 5 B50 bottles per week)
Pressure: production and storage: 100 bars
Volume of buffer storage: 2 days (adjustable)

Pragma Industries, Ergosup and H2Tec Nominated for CES 2019 INNOVATION AWARDS

The CES Innovation Awards recognizes honorees across 28 product categories. A panel of judges, including designers, engineers and members of the tech media, reviews submissions based on design, functionality, consumer appeal, engineering and how the products compare with competition.

San Pedro, November 12, 2018Pragma Industries, Ergosup and H2Tec Consortium announced today its nomination as a CES® 2019 Innovation Awards Honoree for the H-to-Bike solution (Smart Cities category). The announcement was made during CES® Unveiled New York, an invite-only tech event bringing together top media, exhibitors and industry leaders for a sneak peek of the products and trends expected at CES 2019, which will run January 8-11, 2019 in Las Vegas, NV.

Station HyRiS Bike et vélo ALPHA – la combinaison parfaite

Hydrogen is the ultimate energy carrier as it is the lightest yet the most energy-dense of all elements. It is completely harmless to the environment for it only produces water and heat when used in fuel cells for supplying electrical power.

For Pragma Industries, Ergosup and H2Tec, Hydrogen forms the basis for reliable, secure and flexible multi-application solutions for the light electro-mobility sector. It enables cities to have the power to choose the right answer and scale for smart cities projects. Benefits of hydrogen in the world of light mobility include a significantly increased riding range (60 + miles) compared to battery based solutions, and a very quick charging time (1 minute).

Pragma Industries, Ergosup and H2Tec have partnered to build and market clean mobility solutions, thus creating the perfect synergy for tomorrow’s alternate fueling needs. Pragma Industries, a fuel cell specialist for light mobility solutions, brings to life the ALPHA, the world’s first commercial-grade hydrogen fuel cell E-bike. To make it go, Ergosup, the developer of innovating methods for the storage and conversion of electricity into pressurized hydrogen, introduces the HyRiS, the first of its kind green hydrogen fueling station. H2Tec will commercialize and distribute this unique combined solution throughout North America.

The consortium will be introducing the world’s first integrated mobility solution at the Tech East location of the international Consumer Electronics Show held in Las Vegas Nevada, Jan. 8 – 11th 2019. Come to Booth 1301 in the Smart Cities Section of the Westgate and see the future of light mobility and how it can benefit you and your community (and perhaps score a ride on a hydrogen fuel cell bike!).


H2Tec combines 40 years of marketing and sales know-how in the bicycle business and 20 years of technical expertise in the field of hydrogen-based solutions. H2Tec is the key marketing and distributor partner which brings the unique benefits of the H-to-Bike light mobility solution to the operators throughout North America, be they institutional, corporate fleets, universities and campuses, rental companies. The high range and instant refill capability of the H-to-Bike offer a unique riding experience, high productivity opportunities and no range anxiety, which make it the most efficient and affordable fuel cell mobility solution on the market.

Contact: contact@h2tec.co


Pragma Industries is a world-class compact fuel cell specialist since 2004. With hundreds of customers worldwide, the company has developed over the years the best-in-class compact fuel cells. Targeting portable systems and light mobility markets with its technologies, Pragma is dedicated to bringing hydrogen-energy to consumer applications worldwide. From the ambition to have a positive impact on climate change and the company’s know-how is born Alpha, the first commercial-grade fuel cell electric bicycle. Designed and built by Pragma Industries, Alpha is at the crossroads of a modern zero-emission vehicle, e-bikes, and a clean unlimited fuel, hydrogen. One of a kind, fun to drive, convenient and clean, Alpha is set to bring hydrogen-energy to mass markets. With 70 Alpha bikes in circulation daily at its customers’ sites for the past two years (the largest fleet of two-wheeled H2 vehicles deployed), Pragma is now ready to export the product.

Contact: contact@pragma-industries.com


logo ergosupErgosup has developed a unique high pressure hydrogen generator technology based on electrochemistry without mechanical compression. This breakthrough technology can be used for decarbonized production and storage of hydrogen targeting the clean mobility, the industrial applications and energy storage. The company, located in south east of France and in Normandy is already running with 19 employees. Awarded in the 3 phases of World Innovation Contest, Ergosup is supported by BPI (French state innovation investment bank) and has first rank investors on her board: Aliad (Air Liquide Venture), Demeter Partners, Go Capital, Arkea Crédit Mutuel.

Contact: Jocelyn Polet / jocelyn.polet@ergosup.com


CES® is the world’s gathering place for all who thrive on the business of consumer technologies. It has served as the proving ground for innovators and breakthrough technologies for 50 years-the global stage where next-generation innovations are introduced to the marketplace. As the largest hands-on event of its kind (4,500 exhibitors across 2.75 million net square feet of exhibit space, CES features all aspects of the industry: 5G connectivity, artificial intelligence, augmented and virtual reality, smart home, smart cities, sports tech, machine learning and more. Owned and produced by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA)™, it attracts the world’s business leaders and pioneering thinkers.

Check out CES video highlights. Follow CES online at CES.tech and on social.

ERGOSUP raises €11 million to deploy its green hydrogen production and storage infrastructure

ERGOSUP develops hydrogen infrastructures based on its unique and patented technology of direct electrolysis of water under very high pressure. This integrated, competitive and secure system meets the strongly growing need for carbon-free hydrogen, for both “clean mobility” and low-carbon industrial gas applications.
After a first round of €2.7 million in 2015, the French start-up raised €11 million this year from the PSIM Fund (Major Innovation Support Programme) managed by Bpifrance as part of the Future Investments Programme, AP Ventures, Kouros and Normandie Participations, as well as its long-standing shareholders Air Liquide Venture Capital (ALIAD), Demeter Ventures, GO CAPITAL and Arkéa Capital. Its near term goal are to industrialise the production of its small series electrolysers, develop its marketing function and strengthen its team with the recruitment of ten new employees.

Whereas today 95% of hydrogen is produced from fossil fuels, and less than 0.01% by electrolysis of water, the goal set by the Hulot plan of June 2018 is to achieve 10% carbon-free hydrogen by 2023, and 40% by 2028. This French policy is aligned with an ambitious international agenda for hydrogen where today there is strong support from industrial partners’ investments and commitments from local governments, which have resulted in a host of hydrogen technologies being deployed.

ERGOSUP contributes to this growth thanks to its unique and patented know-how regarding hydrogen production. This allows it to respond to user expectations and target a privileged position, where very few actors are present today. The start-up proposes supplying green hydrogen, which is competitive and safe, closer to end-users, and with a capacity really adapted to needs.
The first markets targeted are “zero emissions” transport with different types of hydrogen-electric vehicles (drones, handling equipment, bicycles, cars, etc.) and the on-site production of industrial gas instead of receiving supplies by tank truck.

In 2015, a first round of funds amounting to €2.7 million helped to strengthen the teams, complete the technology development phase and deploy a prototype and demonstration units. The €11 million capital increase at the beginning of the year will enable the launch of small series production, the development of marketing, plus the recruitment of sales personnel, project managers and technicians.

This funding results from shareholders’ reinvestments, including Air Liquide Venture Capital (ALIAD), Demeter 3 start-up fund managed by Demeter Ventures, GO CAPITAL start-up fund managed by GO CAPITAL and Arkéa Capital Investissement, managed by Arkéa Capital, a subsidiary of the Arkéa group.
To these “historic” investors are added four new leading players: AP Ventures, the PSIM fund (Major Innovation Support Programme) managed by Bpifrance as part of the Investments for the Future Programme, Normandie Participations and Kouros.

Patrick PaillèreI am very proud of the renewed confidence of our historic shareholders, one of which is a member of the Hydrogen Council. But also, there is the arrival of new international, national and regional funds, again with significant support from the Normandy Region. This operation, which is part of an impressive rise in the use of hydrogen, consolidates our development strategy. Thus, we will be able to accelerate the deployment of our integrated and decentralised sites and reinforce our teams to launch our industrialisation and stimulate commercialisation”, explains Patrick PAILLERE, CEO of ERGOSUP.

Bpifrance has been working with ERGOSUP for almost five years now. Winner of the first phase of the World Innovation Competition (CMI) in 2014, the company was selected for Phase 2 in 2015. The sum of grants and repayable advances received has allowed it to finance research and development the first products. Its qualification for Phase 3 of the CMI last year made it eligible for the PSIM fund (Major Innovation Support Programme), which we manage under the Future Investments Programme. We have been convinced by the relevance of the technology, which allows us to develop solutions adapted to the mobility of tomorrow”, states Laura PANQUET, Senior Investment Officer at Bpifrance.

“I am delighted to announce our investment in ERGOSUP which adds another company to our existing portfolio of assets across the hydrogen value chain. I am very impressed by both ERGOSUP’s team and its unique technology which provides an integrated low-cost solution for distributed green hydrogen. As a board member, I look forward to working with the ERGOSUP; sharing AP Venture’s expertise, experience and network within the global hydrogen economy to create further value for the Company”, says Andrew Hinkly, Managing Partner, AP Ventures.

“ERGOSUP is perfectly in line with developments in the energy, mobility and smart city sectors by proposing a unique solution for the decentralized production of green hydrogen under pressure. The flexibility of this technology allows ERGOSUP to address a multitude of markets ranging from hydrogen mobility, to industrial/laboratory applications to the supply of isolated sites. We are pleased to continue the support of ERGOSUP in its new growth phase and pleased to see that the hydrogen sector draws back financial and corporate investors”, explains Olivier BORDELANNE, Partner in DEMETER’s team.

“The development of the hydrogen value chain is an integral part of the Air Liquide Group’s innovation strategy. ERGOSUP is a remarkable member of this project. Its high-pressure electrolysis technology opens applications that will be the norm for carbon-free mobility and decentralised management of hydrogen-energy. It is the technical and industrial know-how of the ERGOSUP team, combined with the Air Liquide Group’s international expertise in the hydrogen market, which explains the renewed confidence of ALIAD Venture Capital in support of this young company” says Matthieu EYRIES, Managing Director, ALIAD Venture Capital.

“The various steps taken by ERGOSUP since GO CAPITAL’s first investment, the launch in 2019 of the first hydrogen generator model, the HyRiS Lab, and the prospects opened by the expansion of the range, in the short term, to other applications (drones, mobility) convinced GO CAPITAL to participate in this new fundraising. GO CAPITAL, with its GO CAPITAL priming funds I and II, significantly contributes to financing young innovative companies involved in the development of technologies for energy transition: ERGOSUP is one of its treasures”, states Bruno GUICHEUX, Director of Investment at GO CAPITAL.

“We are very proud to renew our support for ERGOSUP and participate in this new fundraising. We have been supporting its leaders and the team since 2015 in the development of this innovative and competitive carbon-free hydrogen production technology, fully in line with the recent measures taken by the government for the country’s energy transition. This new investment by Arkéa Capital is part of a rational approach to supporting regional companies with high potential”, says Sylvie LE BRAS, Investment Officer at Arkéa Capital.

“Normandie Participations, as an investment fund in the Normandy Region, is pleased to support the development of ERGOSUP. The company has developed a relevant offer based on a good patent portfolio. Alongside our co-investors, we support the company’s ambitious development plan, which has the necessary qualities to be a leader in a fast- growing market, both in France and abroad”, comments John GUINET, Investment Manager at Normandie Participations.

“Thanks to its unique high-pressure electrolysis technology, ERGOSUP offers a viable solution, which is as close as possible to hydrogen consumers, and contributes to accelerating the development of green hydrogen. For Kouros, an industrial group and investor committed to the fight against global warming, ERGOSUP is a privileged technological partner for the deployment of systems to rebuild a 100% carbon-free energy system”, says Florent BERGERET, Director of Kouros Investments.

Press contacts:
Julie Munoz – juliem@oxygen-rp.com – 06 24 70 07 70
Anne Masson – anne@oxygen-rp.com

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La technologie ERGOSUP nominée pour un prix de l’innovation aux CES de Las Vegas

Pragma Industries, Ergosup et H2Tec sont nominés pour les Prix de l’Innovation du CES2019 !

Les Prix de l’Innovation du CES récompensent des produits dans 28 catégories différentes. Un panel de juges composé de designers, ingénieurs et journalistes spécialisés dans les nouvelles technologies analyse et note les solutions des candidats en se basant sur les critères suivants : esthétique, fonctionnalités, intérêt pour le consommateur, conception et positionnement par rapport à la concurrence.

San Pedro, le 12 Novembre 2018 – Le consortium Pragma industries, Ergosup et H2Tec a annoncé aujourd’hui avoir été récompensé dans le cadre des Prix de l’Innovation du CES® 2019, dans la catégorie « Smart Cities », pour leur solution « H-to-bike ». Cette annonce a été faite lors des « CES® Unveiled » à New York, une cérémonie qui rassemblait les plus grands médias technologiques, exposants et industriels qui ont pu avoir un aperçu des produits et tendances qui seront présentés au CES 2019 (du 8 au 11 Janvier 2019, à Las Vegas, Etats-Unis).

Station HyRiS Bike et vélo ALPHA – la combinaison parfaite

L’hydrogène est un vecteur énergétique exceptionnel car il est à la fois l’élément le plus léger et le plus énergétique de tous. Il est totalement inoffensif pour l’environnement puisqu’il ne produit que de l’eau et de la chaleur lorsqu’il est utilisé dans une pile à combustible pour la production d’électricité.

Pour Pragma Industries, Ergosup et H2Tec, l’hydrogène constitue une exceptionnelle base pour les solutions d’électromobilité légères en leur garantissant fiabilité, sécurité et modularité. Il permet de répondre aux besoins des villes dans leur évolution vers des « villes intelligentes ». Les avantages de l’hydrogène dans la mobilité légère sont notamment l’autonomie augmentée par rapport à une solution 100% batterie (plus de 100 kms d’autonomie avec un vélo) ainsi qu’un temps de rechargement très court (1 minute).

Le partenariat entre Pragma Industries, Ergosup et H2Tec leur permet de proposer des solutions de mobilité propres répondant aux besoins énergétiques alternatifs de demain. Pragma Industries, spécialiste des piles à combustible pour la mobilité légère, présente « ALPHA », le premier vélo à assistance électrique à pile à hydrogène commercialisé. Pour le recharger, Ergosup, qui a développé une méthode innovante de production d’hydrogène par électrolyse sous pression, présente « HyRiS Bike », sa première station de recharge hydrogène pour vélo. H2Tec va commercialiser cette solution combinée vélo/station en Amérique du nord.

Le consortium présentera sa solution de mobilité légère toute intégrée dans la zone « Tech East » du salon international du CES qui se tiendra à Las Vegas du 8 au 11 janvier 2019.

Venez leur rendre visite au stand 1301 dans la zone « Smart Cities » (Westgate) pour voir le futur de la mobilité légère et comprendre comment vous et votre communauté pourrez en bénéficier (et éventuellement faire un tour de vélo à hydrogène !).

H2Tec totalise 40 ans d’expérience dans le domaine du marketing et des ventes de vélos et 20 ans d’expertise dans le domaine des solutions basées sur l’hydrogène. H2Tec est le partenaire et distributeur parfait qui permettra d’apporter tous les bénéfices de la mobilité légère à hydrogène aux opérateurs aux USA, qu’ils soient des institutionnels, des entreprises, des universités, des campus ou bien des sociétés de location. L’autonomie étendue et le rechargement très rapide de la solution H-to-bike apportent une expérience unique, des taux de disponibilité élevés et éliminent « l’angoisse de la panne », ce qui en fait la solution de mobilité à pile à combustible la plus efficace et abordable du marché.

Contact: contact@h2tec.co


Pragma Indutries est un spécialiste mondialement reconnu dans le domaine des piles à combustible depuis 2004. La société a mis au point la meilleure pile à combustible compacte et totalise des centaines de clients dans de nombreux pays. En ciblant les marchés des systèmes portables et de la mobilité légère, la volonté de Pragma est de proposer des solutions énergétiques à hydrogène dans le monde entier. Le vélo ALPHA a pu voir le jour grâce au savoir-faire de Pragma mais aussi par son ambition d’avoir un impact positif sur les changements climatiques. Ce vélo, conçu et fabriqué par Pragma, est le premier vélo à assistance électrique + pile à hydrogène à être mis sur le marché. Il dispose de tous les avantages des vélos à assistance électriques tout en évitant leurs inconvénients (temps de rechargement et autonomie limitée). Unique en son genre, ludique, pratique et propre, ALPHA est prêt à porter l’hydrogène-énergie vers les marchés de masse. Avec déjà 70 vélos ALPHA en circulation quotidienne sur des sites de consommateurs (la plus grande flotte de vélos à hydrogène déployée en France), Pragma est prêt à exporter son produit.

Contact: contact@pragma-industries.com


logo ergosupErgosup a développé une technologie unique de génération d’hydrogène gazeux directement sous pression (donc sans utilisation de compresseurs mécaniques) basées sur l’électrochimie du zinc. Cette technologie de rupture peut être utilisée pour la production et le stockage d’hydrogène décarboné répondant à la mobilité propre, aux applications industrielles et au stockage d’énergie en général. Cette société, basée dans le sud-est de la France et en Normandie emploie déjà 19 personnes. Récompensée lors des 3 phases du Concours Mondial de l’Innovation, Ergosup est accompagnée par la BPI (banque d’investissement rattachée à l’Etat Français) et dispose d’investisseurs de premier rang à son conseil d’administration : Aliad (Air Liquide Venture), Demeter Partners, Go Capital, Arkea Crédit Mutuel.

Contact: Jocelyn Polet / jocelyn.polet@ergosup.com


Le CES (Consumer Electronics Show) est un rassemblement annuel pour les acteurs internationaux œuvrant dans le domaine des nouvelles technologies. Ce salon permet depuis 50 ans à ces acteurs, petits ou géants, de présenter leurs innovations au grand public et d’annoncer la mise sur le marché de leurs nouveaux produits. En tant que plus grand rassemblement de sa catégorie (4500 exposants sur près de 260 000 m² de surface d’exposition), le CES représente différentes branches de l’industries, notamment : connectivité 5G, intelligence artificielle, réalités augmentés et virtuelles, maison et villes « intelligentes », sport, machine learning et bien d’autres. Dirigé par la Consumer Technology Association (CTA), ce salon attire les plus grands leaders du marché et les inventeurs pionniers. Regardez les meilleurs moments du CES.

Suivez les CES sur CES.tech et sur les réseaux sociaux.

ERGOSUP sur le marché des drones électriques à hydrogène

Lors du salon international Singapore Airshow 2018, ERGOSUP, concepteur et fabricant d’électrolyseurs haute pression, a officialisé son partenariat commercial avec HES Energy Systems, filiale de H3 Dynamics spécialisée dans les piles à combustible ultra légères.

A cette occasion Monsieur l’Ambassadeur de France à Singapour a salué le rapprochement entre trois PME françaises (ERGOSUP, Ad-Venta et Airborne Concept) et une PME singapourienne HES qui a créé sa filiale française en 2017.

Ce consortium FLY-HY, symbole fort du lancement de l’année de l’innovation France – Singapour, regroupe les maillons de la chaine de valeur hydrogène, de la fourniture d’hydrogène sous pression à son utilisation dans un UAV.

Ces acteurs proposent une solution énergétique complète et clé en main rendant possible l’usage de drones professionnels électriques de longue endurance pour des applications industrielles d’inspection et de surveillance.

Dans ce cadre ERGOSUP cible, à court terme, une mise sur le marché de sa station de remplissage de réservoirs sous pression directement à 300 bars. Le prototype de démonstration est développé avec le fabricant français de drones DELAIR dans le cadre du projet HyDRONE, sous-projet de HyPORT labélisé « territoires hydrogène » en 2016 (Occitanie).

Le début du déploiement de ses stations pour drone est prévu dès 2019 avant de l’adapter pour d’autres flottes de véhicules et applications (chariots, automobiles…). Le tour de table de financement de ce développement est en voie de finalisation.