HyRiS : high pressure hydrogen stations

Presentation of the HyRis range

The HyRiS product line enables our customers to produce and distribute high pressure hydrogen for small mobility, drones, laboratories, fleets of forklifts or light vehicles. Our autonomous and fully automated machines , are installed on site in close proximity of consumption for convenience.

The main characteristics of our products:

  • High-pressure hydrogen production without a mechanical compressor based on ERGOUP electrolysis technology To find out more (link to Technology page).
  • Connection to water and electricity networks for on-site hydrogen production
  • Hydrogen outlet interfaces adapted to the application: on-board or removable tanks, dispenser, connection to the gas network, etc.
  • CE marking
Logo Hyris Lab
Photo HyRiS Lab 3

HyRiS Lab is intended for schools, laboratories and universities to gain experience in the uses of hydrogen as well as for industrial users or laboratories with low hydrogen consumption who wish to become self-producer of green hydrogen.
This compact unit produces hydrogen directly at high pressure from water and electricity, without CO2 emissions and without a mechanical compressor.

H2 Production 0,7 kg/week(= 1 B50)
Storage pressure 100 bar
Adaptable to the pressure of your network
Gas quality 99.95 %
+ Purifier option (for< 5 ppm H2O)
Electrical connection 230 VAC single-phase electrical connection
16 A / 50 Hz (prise standard)
Water consumption < 10 L/week
Dimensions 2 m x 0,8 m x 0,6 m
Weight 400 kg
Installation Exterior or interior(-10°C to +40°C)
Logo Hyris Drone
Logo Hyris Bike
Ergosup Photo Hyris Drone

HyRiS Drone or HyRiS Bike, depending on your needs, this station makes it possible to fill small tanks directly under pressure which are then embarked on a hydrogen electric vehicle (drone, bicycle or tricycle, etc.). It can also be integrated in an urban environment as a charging station for bicycles or tricycles. The hydrogen output interface is adapted to the use of the station, for example:
Tanks that are easy to disconnect to supply a small vehicle (drone, bicycle, etc.)
A dispenser to fill a tank at 350 bar without a mechanical compressor

This compact unit produces hydrogen directly at high pressure from water and electricity, without CO2 emissions and without a mechanical compressor.

H2 Production 0,8 to 1 kg/day to 350 bar without mechanical compressor
Storage Pressure Up to 350 bar
Gas quality 99.97 % (fuel cell standard)
+ purifier option (for < 5 ppm H2O)
Connexion électrique 400 V AC three-phase (3 phases + neutral)
< 32 A / 50 Hz
Water consumption < 10 L/kg of H2
Dimensions 2,6 m x 1,6 m x 1,6 m
Weight 2 tons
Location Outdoor (-10°C à +40°C)
Logo Hyris Indus
Photo HyRiS Indus

HyRiS Indus is a machine intended for the industrial sector for on-site production of green hydrogen in complete autonomy.

The modularity of HyRiS Indus products makes it possible to respond as closely as possible to the hydrogen production capacities required on the industrial site, between 2 and 40 kg of H2 / day at a pressure level of 100 to 200 bar without a mechanical compressor.

This electrolyser also makes it possible to retrofit small hydrogen stations supplied by bundles of B50 type bottles (200 bar) for the production of carbon-free hydrogen.

Logo Hyris Drive
Logo Hyris Forklift
Photo HyRiS Indus

Example of coupling with the utility module of our partner ATAWEY

HyRiS Drive or HyRiS Forklift, depending on your needs, is a recharging station intended to supply small captive fleets (for example forklifts). Production ranges from 2 to 40 kg of H2 / day. This standard module is coupled with a compression, storage and distribution unit for the use of hydrogen above 200 bar.