On February 22 at the “Institut du Cerveau et de la Moelle épinière”, François Hollande, the President of the French Republic, awarded Patrick PAILLERE, CEO of ERGOSUP, the prize as winner of the Worldwide Innovation Challenge, 3rd phase, for his project submitted in the “Energy storage” category.

ERGOSUP and its power-to-hydrogen conversion process is one of the 12 winners rewarded among the 8 strategic themes. This prize, devoted to the industrialisation phase, recognized and rewards once more the innovation technology of ERGOSUP, after the first prizes won for the “start-up” phase in 2014 and “risk reduction phase” in 2015.

ERGOSUP develops an electrolyser decoupling oxygen and hydrogen production, contrary to classical electrolysers with simultaneous production of both gases, thus allowing a hydrogen production directly at high pressure. This solution facilitates the filling of hydrogen-powered vehicle tanks and is compatible with numerous scopes (cars, buses, forklifts, drones,…).Besides, hydrogen is a key vector for the energetical transition, as a fuel for green mobility or as a way to store energy.

This acknowledgement enables ERGOSUP to move from the technology development stage to the industrialisation one, with the implantation of first demonstrators, the etablishment of a first production line and the reinforcement of its team, composed of 15 people today.