Innovative solutions for production
and storage of green hydrogen

« Producing and storing hydrogen, differently »

Hydrogen is already a key contributor of energy transition. Traditionnal solutions of production, storage and distribution of hydrogen are complex and do not effectively meet the growing needs for massive storage of renewable energy over long periods of time.

At Ergosup, we develop and commercialize solutions for the production and storage of green hydrogen. Based on our own patented electrolysis technology, our solutions can produce and store large amounts of hydrogen with high safety standards. Whether the need is for long-term (seasonal) or short-term storage, hydrogen is released on demand without electricity consumption.

The flexibility of our technology also makes it possible to offer high-pressure hydrogen production and refueling stations, particularly for the carbon-free mobility markets.

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Large scale production and storage of hydrogen
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High pressure hydrogen electrolysers
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We are committed to the success of your projects: designing our products in line with your needs and your constraints for the short-term profitability of your hydrogen installations.