« For a decentralised hydrogen-energy production solution»

Hydrogen currently seems to be the key vector of the energy transition, since it is able to integrate both the energy sources and the uses.

In this context, to continue its growth competitive and decentralised solutions must be developed regarding hydrogen production, storage and distribution.

The current hydrogen production, storage and distribution solutions remain complex and involve various electrolysis, mechanical compression and storage means, which fail to efficiently meet expectations.

ERGOSUP therefore decided to take up this ambitious challenge by developing an innovating solution of decentralised hydrogen supply, including, apart from production, complementary storage solutions (without pressurised hydrogen), compression (electrochemical), and energy restitution.

This electrolysis technology based on the electrochemistry of zinc, winner of the Concours Mondial de l’Innovation (World Innovation Competition), stands out by separation over time of the release of gaseous oxygen and hydrogen.

The fields of application are hydrogen distribution stations for decarbonated mobility and energy conversion/storage systems for stationary requirements.